Fire on the Lucasfilm home produced Tuesday moderated damage


There were no injuries. The cause of the incident is under investigation. For now it’s believed that an electric motor from an exhaust fan is to blame for the fire damage. The fire only damaged office supplies and furniture, It did damage the attic, roof and one of the building’s cupolas but not any potentially valuable collectibles.
Some similar incidents occurred in the past and conduced to adopt some preventing measures. Fire brigades and advanced sprinkler systems are prepared at all times to take action on Lucas Valley Road. The firefighters from Ross Valley, Nicosio, Marinwood, San Rafael and Novato responded to the fire.
Lucas is one of the American film industry financially successful enterprise and Star Wars became the highest-grossing film of all time. In January 2012, George Lucas announced his retirement from producing large scale blockbuster films, dedicating instead to smaller budgeted projects.
On 1991, The George Lucas Educational Foundation was created as a nonprofit operating foundation to encourage innovation in schools. Billion dollars have been donated for many projects.


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