Death of drug consumers stopped the New York City’s Electric Zoo music festival


In fact, two concert-goers (20 and 23 years old) have died and some others (at least four) are in intensive care in hospitals.
Attorney Ed McPherson of McPherson Rane LLP said about this situation:
“I am not sure that there is really anything that a festival promoter can do – and still maintain concert-goers Constitutional rights – to eliminate drug usage at concerts. No amount of security personnel, barricades … could prevent something like this. Unfortunately, however, ecstasy and other drugs have become the culture of some of these festivals.”
Similar cases previously happened in the US. Four days ago a 19 year old fan of Zedd died of drug related causes in the House of Blues concert in Boston.
The New York City’s Electric  Zoo music festival has been a Labor Day tradition since 2009. The event’s founders expressed condolences to the bereaved families.
At the Electric Zoo, the word “Molly” (also attributed to the ecstasy drug) was printed all over and on T-shirts.


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