Obama’s request for an intervention in Syria was delayed by the Congress


Some congressmen are skeptical about the finality of a military action because they take into consideration what happened after Saddam Hussein's death in a similar case.
Others, on the contrary, are emphasizing the United States role in the actual world. A fellow Democrat, Rep.Eliot Engel of New York, said to journalists:
“If we’re not going to stand up to a thug like Assad and say we’re not going to let you gas your own people and commit war crimes, then who are we as a nation ? I think we need to stand up and clearly say this in unacceptable.”
The Senate will have a full debate and vote the following week, when it returns to Washington on September 9.
In Vatican, Pope Francis called Sunday for “a cry for peace”. He condemned at the same time the use of chemical weapons saying:
“There is a judgement from God and history on our actions that no one can escape.”


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