Predicted trend of the jobs in the US since 2020


When the projections are directed to reveal which professions will be on top for the next decade, in the first place are the physicians / surgeons. The estimated job numbers for 2020 in this domain will grow with 168,200, at a grow rate of 24,4 percent. In the second place are the registered nurses.

A need of new jobs for this domain are estimated at 711,900 which is really the greatest jobs growing
number in the list. In decreasing order of the new jobs, there are the following in the list: accountants/ auditors, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, elementary school teachers, licensed practical and  vocational nurses, carpenters, heavy truck drivers, bookkeeping and auditing clerks, medical secretaries and customer service representatives. The biggest grow rate will have the medical secretaries, with 41.3 percent.



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