A B1 bomber crashed in Montana


The neighboring ranchers perceived an explosion before the plane crashed. They said that a plume of smoke was rising into the sky for several hours. The volunteer fire department was alerted to move at the accident scene and the entire area was secured.
As it happens in such situations, the Air Force will be conducting an investigation. At the moment, not many other information is available except the known fact that the crew had reported difficulties controlling the plane.

The B1 Lancer, developed in the 1970s and entered in service in 1986 was an air-to-ground bomber prepared to be used for high speed low altitude missions. It was particularly designed to execute, if needed, Soviet targeted airspace attacks.
Another B1 bomber crashed years ago into the Indian Ocean and the cause was not being determined.
Only 60 B2 bombers are now in the service in the US Air Force fleet from the one hundred originally delivered from the producer.


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