Warren Hill landmark demolished by implosion


In only 5 seconds the Warren Hill landmark was sent to the ground. The perimeter was prepared with more than 600 seismographs which measured vibrations of the produced earth-quake. This was done to better see how the terrain could be affected in case of an actual earth-quake.

Some history is now lost. But chances are only few people will miss the landmark as it had a bad reputation of being an eye-sore. People attending the implosion additionally described Warren Hill to be very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Experts added that there was a high risk that in case of an earth-quake the 12500 ton building would collapse and kill everybody inside. According to a recent study it is believed that within the next 30 years there is a 63 percent change that the region will be hit by a big earth-quake.

A man who took classes in the 1970’s at the Warren Hill detailed that he was glad the building was going down and justified: “I thought it was ugly both from the inside and outside. There was no ventilation, and you couldn’t open the windows.”


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