Million-dollar Powerball prize still unclaimed, winning ticket to expire soon


Ralph Alfalahi, the owner of the Rye deli which sold the winning ticket, put up signs in the hope that the winner will step forward and get his/her money.

When asked about this Alex Delgado, an employee of his Playland Market, had the following to say: “We’ve had a lot of winners for $500 and maybe even a few thousand, but the million dollar ticket, that’s the first time we’ve seen a winner like that”. Alex admitted that he sometimes thinks about the prize money and what it would be like to win that much money. He also joked about the fact that in case of people not claiming their winnings the Gaming Commission should award part of it to the store that sold the ticket.

But according to spokeswoman Christy Calicchia the New York State Gaming Commission is not that worried about the unclaimed ticket. According to Calicchia unclaimed tickets mostly have common reasons behind them. Either the owner lost the ticket or even washed it in his/her jean pockets.


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