A capital case investigator was a homicide victim in Sacramento


The family announced in a short time a $100,000 reward for anyone who can provides revealing relevant information.

Nothing happened at first when at least two dogs and 70 searchers from multiple agencies participated in an extended research to find Coke’s body, supposed to be dead. On Friday afternoon the body was discovered outside a park near Vacaville, in a woodsy area.
The Oakland Police Department spokesman Johanna Watson explained to journalists the specifics of this case: “we are extremely limited in the information we can share about this investigation,”

A man known as a high risk sex offender, Randy Alana, 56, will remain a person of interest in this case because he dated Sandra Coke for a short time many years ago. Alana and Coke were seen together on the day she disappeared.
The autopsy revealed that Coke was a homicide victim. Her colleagues described Sandra as “passionate about her work, devoted to her clients and colleagues, performing duties with fairness and integrity.”
However, it can be supposed that she was killed in relation with her work. She was assigned to probe capital cases that were appealed to federal court.


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