The story behind the grave next to Oswald’s


Patric Abedin who is the owner of the grave is alive and well. He bought the place next to Oswald’s grave because it meant something to him in his life. Nick Beef is a moniker Abedin came up with the moniker of Nick Beef while joking around with a friend. He is a performance artist by profession and is currently living in Manhattan. Nick Beef even did some freelance comedy writing under the name of Nick Beef.

As a child he got to see President John F. Kennedy and his wife one day before they were shot. Being only 6 years old he sat on the shoulders of a police officer and managed to see the first couple as they passed, as part of a 2 day Texas tour, through the former Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth.

Now, the 56-year-old man can recall that his mother told him not to forget that day. He bought the burial plot next to Oswald’s as soon as it was available. He was 18 back then and bought it for 16 monthly payments of $10 and a down payment of $17.50. His mother died in 1996 and as he returned to Texas to arrange the funeral he also made arrangements for his burial plot to have a gravestone that matches Oswald’s in size.

According to Nick Beef he doesn’t want to be buried when he dies as he would prefer cremation.


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