Rural communities evacuated due to fire risk in Southern California



At the scene were displaced more than 400 firefighters, five helicopters and five air tanker planes that are working hard now in the Riverside Country, near Banning. The rural communities of Twin Pines, Poppet Flats and Silent Valley were evacuated for prevention and the State Route 243 between Banning and Idyllwild was closed to non emergency traffic.

The cause of the fire  is not known at this time and a very few descriptive information from the scene are available. As it is known however, one firefighter was injured. At least two homes appear to be burned in isolated areas.


According to the official statistics, between January 1 and August 3 this year, 71,539 acres were burned in California in fires. In a comparative perspective regarding the relative risk of dying in a fire by state in the US the Californian risk is 0.6, reported to the maximum risk level on District of Columbia, which is 3.7.


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