A truck set on fire on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco



Rice, sushi, vinegar and other Asian food supplies were destroyed and the truck itself too.

The truck’s driver pulled to the side of the road when the flat tire was on fire. He jumped out of the cab and fortunately was not injured.

It was a big fire. In a few minutes the emergency services were on the scene. The smoke and fire were visible from a long distance. Massive traffic delays were registered. Authorities recommended people to find alternate routes in the city. The fire was completely extinguished at 6:53 a.m. (San Francisco local time).

After all, the fire from the bridge was a huge unexpected spectacle. Bridge fire is not a common situation and it’s something you won’t see every day. Many taken pictures were rapidly uploaded to Twitter by some eyewitness. Fire damages are under investigation. The circumstances of the fire are under investigation too. The removal of the vehicle proved to be much more difficult than was expected.


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