Dramatic incident involving two officers and a prisoner in Suffolk district


The prisoner tried to grab a gun from one of the deputies. In the struggle, the gun went off and injured the deputy. He was shot in the leg. Next, the other deputy shot the prisoner. The two injured victims were transported to the emergency at the Massachusetts General Hospital where the prisoner is now in a critical condition.

He was shot many times. Witnesses who could hear what happened at the scene said there were five shootings. The official version is that the other deputy “apparently discharged his weapon striking the suspect” in the chest, according to the Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis.

Some critical details have to be clarified. An indisputable fact is that the prisoner never wrested with any of the officers for the gun, even if he had the intention to do it.
At this time, before other clarifications will be made, the district attorney’s office announced that the deputy sheriff will be investigated for use of potentially deadly force.


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