Zimmerman is again on the news



Facing the hate visibly manifested against him by many people because he killed a young man and also because of the aggressive media, Zimmerman will probably change his habits and even his behavior. He is now in a perpetual defense. Almost obliged to be armed, the question is if he will hesitate to defend again himself using the gun if in some circumstances somebody will aggress him.
On the other side, he is aware of the interest that everyone is showing in him and this can again modify him in some way.

On Sunday, he was pulled for speeding in North Texas but the police officer did not recognize him. Zimmerman was wondering about this and insisted asking if his face is not remembering something from the television. He was armed but he had a normal behavior from the policeman who stopped him over on Highway 80 in Forney, east of Dallas. He was released with a warning for his driving mistake and this minor event had become again television news.

After his story had gone national, probably he really wants to begin a new life.


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