Beach disturbance required police intervention in Huntington Beach



The only thing clearly known at this moment according to existing reports is that a group of rowdy young men was destroying anything in their path. Many people began to target businesses. A lot of windows were smashed and signs were destroyed. Some fights broke out sporadically and properties were damaged. Huntington Beach police called after other agencies for assistance. They were obliged to fire tear gas. They were able to take control only two hours later. A number of eight were arrested and some police officers were injured.

The US Open of Surfing took an official position on their website:
“We’re extremely disappointed and saddened by the disturbance that occurred up on Main St after the close of the US Open of Surfing. We work tirelessly with City staff, police, fire and other agencies to ensure a safe environment for all.”
People were reminded of a previous larger riot in the same area that took place 30 years ago. Without any logical motivation, on every year the surf competitions were doubled with such undesired events.


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