Killer bees attacked people and killed miniature horses in Texas


When Kristen took refuge in the house, the killer bees outside covered the two horses, some chicken and a dog and stung them to death.

A man called 911 and the firefighters arrived prepared to combat with the killer bees. They sprayed foam and then waded in wearing protective gear. The two horses, the dog and five chickens were dead.

Kristen was stung about 200 times and her boyfriend about 50 times.
This is not the first time when killer bees acted in Texas. Previously they killed people. Even Kristen Beauregard noticed them near her home for the past few weeks.
Kristen says now that it was horrible: “It got all dark, like  it was nighttime there were so many bees.”

One thing to be known when trying to combat with bees: they are resting in the night time and there are more chances to kill them using an appropriate spray.


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