A 42 year old criminal killed six persons in South Florida


Then, the criminal returned to the apartment and fired more than 10 shots in the street killing a new victim, a 33 year old man who was returning home from work. In the same building complex, Vargas forced the entry in another apartment and killed a 54 year old man, his wife, 51, and their 17 year old daughter.
After Police arrived they tried to capture the criminal following him in the building for many hours. Lt. Carl Zogby, a spokesman with the Hialeh Police Department, described this in a few words:
”He kept running from us as he fired at us and we fired at him.”

Finally, the criminal forced the entry into another apartment taking two people captive. He was not cooperating with the negotiators and the SWAT team stormed the building and ended up killing the gunman. At that moment he had several rounds of ammunition.
Vargas had recently moved into the building. One person described him as a good son but many others revealed that he was at the same time a difficult and even “a very abusive person.”
Some apartments from the scene were affected by the firefighters’ action.



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