A 12 year girl in Arkansas got parasitic meningitis after swimming


The last case reported in Arkansas was in 2010. Other five cases in the U.S. were confirmed between 1962 and 2012.
The girl’s symptoms were a hot fever and vomiting. She had atrocious head hurt. At the hospital, the doctors induced her a medicated coma.
Parasitic meningitis is typically fatal even if several drugs are effective against ameba in the laboratory. Naegleria fowleri , found in warm freshwater, is a brain eating amoeba.

Statistically, there is a 1 in 33 million chance to get infected but this amoeba organism is found in pretty every body of water in the southeastern United States. Shutting down in the water can increase the possibility to ingest the amoeba through the nose.
The specialists recommend using a nose plug when swimming, to prevent the infection.


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