Pentagon to purchase a dozen of F35 fighter jets


At this time, according to the Lokheed’s vice president Steve O’Bryan in an announcement made Thursday at the Paris Air Show, Israel will be the first nation to receive the F35
stealth fighter jet.

The F35 jet is a last generation aircraft having the capability of evading radar and other air defense systems.
Those jets are capable to perform ground attack, reconnaissance and air defense missions. They have a low maintenance cost. The F35 has a maximum sped of over Mach 1.6 with a maximum takeoff weight of 27,000 kg.
The first F35 A was rolled in Forth Worth on February 2006. All the tests during many years were well done.

The only fear of the Pentagon is about a previous lack of information (maybe documentation) from the manufacturer. it has mainly to do with varios cyber attacks which occurred over the last couple of years. This is not confirmed but possible, with some unpleasant consequences if it’s true.



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