Fifteen year-old boy from Ohio inhaled a blowgun dart


The boy did not mention anything about the fact that he held a homemade blowgun in his mouth and then he inhaled deeply. As a result the dart was propelled through the narrow tube of the gun just by the force of his breath.

After the boy had an X-Ray medics saw that the dart was lodged in his airway. When confronted the boy admitted he played around with a blowgun he built using instructions from the Internet. This case was featured this Monday in the Pediatrics Journal. Medics concluded that blowguns pose a great risk for children and that the boy from Ohio was really lucky not to have complications.

This is because if he would have had complications then his situation could have been really bad. The fact that the boy lied and didn’t say what happened only slowed medics in giving a proper diagnosis. The boy’s action rose the chances of a bad diagnosis which in case of complications could have even led to death.


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