Horrible crimes in a Cleveland suburb: 3 females bodies found


First, a woman’s body had been found Friday in a garage thanks to a report about a foul odor in the area. A day later, another body was found in a backyard. The last body was found in the basement of a vacant house. The bodies were found less than 200 yards from each other. It’s supposed that the victims were killed in the last six to ten days. All the victims are unknown.
Because a series of criminal acts is possible to be revealed, investigators and dozen of other volunteers began to search other possible victims in nearby abandoned houses. No results were found after searching 40 of them.

A possible suspect was arrested on Friday. Michael Madison, 35 year old, was known in the past as a sex offender. He is living several miles away from the crime scene at his mother’s home but he frequented the crime area and was seen speaking with many women. In 2002 he was sentenced to four years in prison for attempted rape.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said that it is a possibility their suspect is the killer as the arrested man could have been influenced by the Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell who killed 11 women from June 2007 to July 2009.


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