Zimmerman was acquitted Saturday in Martin’s death


Six jurors reached the verdict after 16 hours of deliberation. All the jurors were women, with protected identity. They refused to explain this decision to the press.

Many people have complained that the verdict was racially motivated. On the opposite side, the defense attorney Mark O’Hara said that Zimmerman never would have been charged if he was black. After the jury decision, Benjamin Crump, Trayvon Martin’s family attorney said that they try to make sense of the decision but were heartbroken.

Large and small demonstrations took place across the country including the New York city in support of the family of Trayvon Martin. The protesters accused the non guilty verdict as a miscarriage of justice. In Oakland and Los Angeles were committed violent actions and the police had to disperse the demonstrators. Many people were unhappy with the Zimmerman verdict. The fairness of the law was discussed, saying “jurors did what they felt right in accordance with the law but maybe the law is wrong.”
The President Obama has held in this case asking citizens to honor Trayvon Martin in the respect for law acting to prevent future tragedies.



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