San Francisco jewelry store gunman identified


After the Antioch man left the Gift Center where the stores he attacked were located at he turned east from the 888 Brannan Street. There, 6 Police officers tried to stop him but White fired a couple of shots towards the Police force and hid in a nearby restaurant. There were no additionally casualties and Police did not open fire until the attacker surrendered.

The man was charged with the attack of three Victoga Inc. jewelry store and Jewelry Mart complex employees, with several counts of attempted murder and with two counts of murder. A spokesman from the San Francisco Police department detailed that the man had a handgun and a knife.

Barry White did not appear to have a clear motive for the robbery. From the first steps of the ongoing Police investigation it appears that the attacker acted alone. Police explained that White had at least one business transaction at the Vicatoga jewelry store prior to his attack.


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