14 months toddler bought a car on eBay using her parents Smartphone


This car is a small open sports car designed by Donald Healey Motor Company and launched in 1958. It first went on sale for 669 pounds. Tested in 1958 it had a top speed of 133,4 km/hour accelerating in 20.5 seconds from zero to 97 km/ hour.
After the first moment of stupefaction the parents decided to keep the old car that little Sorella bought. Even more, taking serious what happened, they opened an account to a crowdfunding website hoping this story will not only amuse other people but at the same time will determine them to decide contributing to raise founds for preparing the car as a present to Sorella when she will grow up and will get the driving license.

The conclusion of this real story is without any doubt that smart phones may be used even by toddlers to make commercial operations (in this case using the eBay app).
Sorella’s parents have found that their Smartphone can be secured using a software. They will think twice now before giving the smart phone to be used as a toy.


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