The Boston Strangler case was solved after 50 years


The attackerdenounced himself. But, in fact, even though Albert DI Salvo was arrested and supposed to be the murderer, besides his testimony there was no legal evidence to prove he was the attacker. He could not be charged and was found dead in his cell under mysterious circumstances, in 1973.
The only DNA evidence preserved from the last victim Mary Sullivan who was sexually molested was compared now to the DNA taken from a water bottle recovered decades ago from a construction site. The DNA matched with the initial proof from the victim and this is the evidence linking the murder to the family Di Salvo. Practically, the evolution of the science made it possible to solve the case.

Even at this moment, a lawyer of the DiSalvo family, Elaine Sharpe, sustains that police have not identified Albert as the Boston Strangler. “Just because they have DNA doesn’t mean Albert DI Salvo killed her” she said.
The justice position is different:” We have solved one of the nation’s most notorious serial killings” Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley dismissed.



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