Five Bonnano’s family members arrested and charged in New York


They are prominent members of organized crime, as stated in the judge’s detention memorandum. Vincent Badalamenti is a current member of the family’s administration and up to present he was the highest ranking member who was in liberty. Anthony Graziano and Nicholas Santota are “captains” and former of the family administration. Vito Balsamo is a captain too and Anthony Calabrese is a soldier in this Mafia’s family.

They all were arrested after a multi year joint investigation. DEA and FBI made it using many probative methods. Once again was proved the recidivist activity of the defendants. During the last years more than 175 members and associates of the Bonanno family in New York were investigated and more than 10 family bosses were charged.

Each from the actual defendants could face a maximum of 20 years. They are aged from 35 to 71 years.



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