Nanny Cam home invader suspect pleads not guilty


The Nanny Cam which was just installed a week earlier caught everything on video. This is evidence as it clearly shows how the man brutally beat the woman in front of her daughter. The attacker most likely broke into the house to steal jewelry and while he was in the act of robbery he heard the woman come. He hid and jumped on the woman.

Custis heard the charges in the court of law and pleaded not guilty to all counts. His bail was set to $750000 until the next hearing and the man who shocked the entire U.S. with the beating video that went viral was ordered not to contact his victim. The victim made the video public and wanted everyone to see it in order to help investigators find the man. After seeing the video sequences public groups and private individuals were prompted to give any information that might lead to the attacker’s capture in exchange for a bounty of $20000.


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