A young American from the Army, defying death

American journalists found a young man in the U.S. Army with a very special biography and life experience: the U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Chad Joiner has survived after being in the place where seven roadside bomb blasted.
This is incredible even to tell and believe, but the 31 old young man lives, is living in the flesh and has a clearly human conscience about the existence of God in his and in our life.

He had four deployments in the war battlefields, three in Irak and the actual one in Afghanistan.
He knows and he describes as death comes: “It’s nothing like you see in the movies. You see the flash, then you hear this loud, hollow boom. It shakes your whole body. It shakes you to the core. You feel the compression, you feel the shock wave. Dirt flies, rocks fly, all kinds of stuff fly around. It sucks all the air out. You're deafened for a time period, confusion, ears ringing. You get that sulfur, that smoke smell."
For the rest of us, it is the hell. Simply we understand nothing and first we can’t understand why some bad people need to bring in the life of other persons the such things.

But Chad Jones is proud to serve his country. This is why he wants to be there. For this reason his life is threatening every moment. He is a very special young man. He has a clear idea on his brain. He says: “God has a plan for me.”
His life was presented on TV as simple as it is.