Big ancient fish captured in Alaska


So, yes, Henry Liebman has a new record on his hands and this can also be a record for a the oldest captured shortracker. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration describe these fishes as one of the longest lived of all fish in the northeast Pacific.

The man who made this big fish capture wants to have the 39.08 pound fish mounted. The gastronomical recipes present it as a very good food.

A discussion was started with criticism about this subject, even on Twitter. There were opinions sustaining that the recreational fisherman Liebman should release this big fish in the water manifesting respect for a such old being. However, it seems that in fact the fish could not survive. “When a rockfish caught in 900 feet of water is brought to the surface it usually dies” affirmed the spokeswoman for NOOA’s Alaska region.

What is interesting about this fish species is they don’t become sexually mature until their first 10 years of life. Surprisingly but this fish was still fertile at the time of its capture.
Liebman himself was impressed by his catch: “I knew it was abnormally big but I didn’t knew it was a record until (…) we looked at the Alaska guide book (…)”, he said.



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