A woman teacher accused because she has a baby with one of her students


She was pregnant and gave birth to a child in June 18, this year.
The police investigation revealed that the teacher had a year long relationship with this boy. Whiterhurst was a student activities advisor.

The official position of the school was specified by the Assistant School Superintendent of human resources Sabine Robertson-Phillips who said: “Nothing is as important to us as the safety of our students (…) and we are fully cooperating with police in their investigation.”

The complaint in this case was made by the student’s mother, earlier this week. She reported the fact to the school officials and the information was relayed to the Redlands police.
Many people reacted on this scandal. Students were divided to comment on social networks, some being negative, some offering support to Laura Elisabeth. Many parents affirmed they were “shocked and disappointed.” The Citrus Valley High School’s reputation was also affected. “This news is contrary to what this school is known for” said Susan Broderick, president of the Redlands Council of the Parent Teacher Association.

Laura Whiterhurst will be accused for an aggravated criminal sexual abuse. She posted $25,000 bail to be released from jail.
One year ago, a Colorado teacher was punished for a similar offense to the law.



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