Known sex offender killed 8-year-old few hours after befriending family



The Perriwinkle’s were obviously were down on their luck and thus the mother accepted the help offer. After spending some hours in the Wal-Mart Smith managed to take the girl away from her mother and go in a different area of Wal-Mart with her. There he told the girl he was planning to get burgers for everyone and asked the little eight-year-old to help.

The mother who was probably thinking not to offend the man who just bought them stuff they needed for months let the little girl go out with the stranger and browse the store alone. Only later did she realize that the two were missing.

That Friday night, while the mother took care of her other two children and kept browsing the shelves, the known sex offender got with the little girl into his van.

The mother called the Police as soon as she realized that the two were missing. An Amber Alert was set just hours after 911 received the call from Charish Perriwinkle’s mother. Despite the fanatic search the kidnapped girl was found Saturday morning dead in front of Highlands Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The known sex offender was arrested and is now charged with murdering the eight-year-old girl.


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