Farmer finds piece of billion year old meteor


Bruce Lilienthal happened to find what it looked like a strange rock during the family’s annual spring sweep along their pile of rocks. Every year the Lilienthals gather all the rocks from their fields into one place. Their kids realized that the game “who can pick up more rocks” is no longer fun after picking up several rocks. This is why Bruce came up with the idea to place all the unusual rocks in a separate pile to make clearing the fields of rocks more fun.

When he found the strange looking rock in the pile of unusual rocks Bruce quickly realized the rock was no ordinary rock. It was also a lot heavier then it looked. And as it turns out it was not a rock.

The family showed the piece of meteorite to friends over the years. Recently experts took samples and verified that the rock was indeed meteorite. After analysis scientists believe that the meteorite is over a billion year old.


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