Young girl attacked by a shark at Surfside Beach in Texas


Shark attacks at Surfside Beach are extremely rare. One of the locals remembers the last one took place 25 years ago. Since 1911 to present only 35 shark attacks were reported in this area, comparing with 623 in Florida in the same time. There were Two fatal shark attacks in Texas.There are no officials warnings on the beach.
Examining the situation in the world, according to The International Shark Attack File maintained by The Florida Museum of Natural History, surfers are safe in Europe, or but they should be aware about this peril existing in , Africa and Asia.

Roberson’s opinion is that parents should be aware of this danger when their children play in the water.
The young girl is a beach lover and photographing her wounds in the way from hospital to the mother’s residence had the power to consider the incident as an episode to be related to her future own kids.



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