Search for Jimmy Hoffa is still ongoing after 35 years


He was imprisoned in 1967 because he was involved with organized crime. President Nixon did not agree with Hoffa’s from 1971 but the ex leader was forced to sign an agreement stipulating that he will “not to engage in direct or indirect management or any labor organization”.

The last known presence of Hoffa was in July 1975 in a Detroit restaurant. He was officially declared dead in 1982 but his body was never found.

After 35 years, FBI is still searching for him. Many variants were affirmed: rumors are that Hoffa was pushed from an airplane over the Great Lakes while other sources affirm the idea that Hoffa was buried in a horse farm or under Giants Stadium in New Jersey. The federal agents are working with persistence. On Monday, they searched for him in a field of suburban Detroit, using an information from a reputed Mafia captain. Search dogs were present when an excavator was used to dig some holes in the research determined area.

Searches are conducted to give answers to Hoffa’s family and to the community. However, FBI didn’t disclose details about the investigation. A book about the searches for Hoffa’s remains was written by a Detroit Police officer.



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