IRS sold at auction two parking spaces in Boston for $560000


Many people gathered in the upscale Black Bay neighborhood for the IRS auction. It was raining outside and the general feeling of the gathered crowd was that the parking spots will sell fast. While a nearby parking spot sold for more than $300000 back in 2009, no one really believed these two parking spots would sell for much more than the starting price of $42000. These ended up fetching more than half of million dollars mainly because of their location.

Lisa Blumenthal, the winner of the bidding, is happy with her new purchase and while she already has three other parking spots nearby she declared she will use these two for guests or workers. The Back Bay area is well known for being an expensive, trendy and affluent place and at the same time it is known for the difficulty in finding available parking spots. According to recent statistics the Back Bay neighborhood is one of the most difficult places from North America to find a parking place.


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