A Houston female doctor poisoned her relationship partner


Gonzales-Angulo, 42 aged, was arrested the last week and released on $50,000 bail. Derek Hollingsworth, defense attorney in this case, from Rusty Hardin&Associates, appreciated that Dr. Gonzales Angulo is innocent. However, the investigators proved that ethylene glycol is present in all M.D. Anderson laboratories and she had access at it.

Even if Gonzales was released from detention, she was ordered to surrender her passport and not to go within 200 feet of Blumenschein’s residence or emplyment place. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center issued a statement informing that she is on paid administrative leave.

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzales-Angulo and Dr. George Blumenschein were involved in a casual sexual relationship. Blumenschein suffered loss of use of his kidneys after this attempted murder. A toxicology report showed that the concentration of ethylene glycol in his body was enough to cause death in an adult.


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