A man was arrested for nothing in Arizona



Last weekend, the 64 old Jessie Thornton was arrested for DUI suspicion in Surprise, Arizona, but the result of his breathalyzer test was 0,000.

He was pulled over by police because he was crossing the white line of his lane. Thornton was placed in handcuff even he explained he wasn’t DUI. His blood alcohol content determined later at the police station was negative and one expert wrote as conclusion “in my opinion Jessie was never under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

Even he was cleared, his car had been impounded and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division was announced about his arrest, so his driving license has been suspended. Because he was stopped many times in the same area without real motivation while he was driving his car, Jessie is convinced that the color of his skin was the real motivation and without any doubts this was a case of racial discrimination.

Jessie Thornton is a retired fire fighter. He was supposed to be DUI because at the time of the incident his eyes were red. In reality he was previous swimming in chlorinated water at LA fitness and was accused only because the officers was looking in his eyes.

Motivating his legal action against Police, Thornton said: “I just don’t want any of this to happen to somebody else.”



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