Florida boat crash, nobody was killed


The boat crash was a violent collision but nobody was killed. One person was hoisted from the water by a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue helicopter.
Officer Jorge Pino from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that all the victims were adult. After the first stage of investigation, it seems that the alcohol was not a factor in the event.

To many boats on the waterways every weekend is a serious problem to think at. The actual crash was between two boats heading into dock but the cause of the crash was not immediately known. Relevant details are expected to emerge. If some legal issues were violated authorities will take action accordingly. Some sources have credited the idea that in fact not two but three boats were involved.

Another boating accident with unclear cause happened last week  in the past month in Saint Argentine when a 16-foot open motor boat slammed into a dock
Sailing boat accidents can have serious consequences, sometimes getting up to death.



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