12-year-old boy suspected to have murdered his 8-year old sister was arrested


The whole Valley Springs community was shocked to find out something like this can happen and they immediately set off in a manhunt to find the described criminal. While an initial investigation revealed there was no sign of robbery or burglary at the Fowler’s home they did a door-to-door sweep of all storage sheds, horse stables and homes in order to find the culprit or at least some kind of evidence that would lead to his capture.

The conclusion after the investigation was that the boy lied. Authorities believe the boy stabbed his little sister in their home while their parents were out.

County Sheriff Gary Kuntz declared that the boy will be charged with homicide. Authorities arrested the 12-year-old brother on Saturday. The sheriff declared in a news conference: “Citizens of Calaveras County, you can sleep a little better tonight”. According to the same statement authorities spent well over two thousand hours on the investigation.


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