Highschool Hotness online tournament May Madness sparks controversy


At first glance this might seem OK with some. But the contest where high school females are compared against one another like objects has done a lot more damage than one could think.

Many students, their parents and other community parents contacted authorities and demanded to stop the contest as it sexualizes and destroys young girls’ self-esteem.

Police was able to shut down the contest site last year for a short while because of the profane and vulgar comments it hosted but there’s not much it can do this year. According to the district’s spokesperson the people behind this site are smart and they know their rights and the law.

The May Madness contest is advertised publicly on a dedicated Facebook page. Now the page no longer holds the photos with each girl from the contest but instead shows photos with all the boys. According to the organizers of the online tournament this is just a cover up. The site holding the actual contest is even harder to access by outsiders.


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