9/11 Museum To have Mandatory Admission Fee


According to the museum officials, they are planning to impose mandatory admission as they require more money to meet the increasing operating costs. That is the reason why the board has voted and decided to impose a mandatory admission fee of $20 to $25 when the underground museum opens in 2014.

The decision has created an agitation among the families of 9/11 victims. Father of one of the 9/11 victims, Jim Riches, said that he is outraged by the decision. Riches said that they think the decision is revolting and a complete disgrace. He suggested the authority to ask the citizens for patriotic donations rather than asking them for buying tickets to the nation’s heroes.

In a statement, the museum said that the non-profit organization predominantly relies on the support from the public, and not from the city. The museum further added that they are thinking of comparing the admission fees with other comparable structures.


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