3 more suspects in connection to Boston Bombing taken into custody


The exact time when they were taken into custody is yet to be disclosed by the Police, and further questions have been referred to the FBI.

Before this revelation, the authorities previously slated the two brothers as t suspects in the Marathon bombing that took place on April 15.

According to sources, 2 roommates of the younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev named Azamat Tazhayakov & Dias Kadyrbayev who are also from Kazakhstan faced an immigration hearing earlier this morning. The sources also suggested that the roommates are facing obstruction charges in connection with the marathon bombing. The 3rd suspects’ identity are still in the dark. Gender of the 3rd suspect is also yet to be disclosed by the police, but according to sources the suspect is a U.S. citizen. The two roommates are suspected for disposing the computers and other equipment from Tsarnaev’s apartment.

At the Marathon bombing, three people got killed with more than 200 injured when the two brothers allegedly set 2 bombs.


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