Marathon Bomb Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnev’s Probable Connection to Jihadists under probe



According to the source, William Plotnikov and 6 others succumbed to death while Tamerlan was paying a visit to the region.  The Canadian-boxer-turned-jihadist William Plotnikov was born in Russia, but his family shifted to Canada when William was a teen. William Plotnikov’s body was arranged for burial by one of the local imam on 14th July, 2012. Just after a couple of days, Tamerlan Tsarnaev flew out of Dagestan and arrived in New York on 17th July, 2012. The investigators are probing into the probabilities that whether Plotnikov’s death prompted Taerlan’s departure or not.

In addition to probable link to William, the investigators are also probing into whether Tamerlan had any kind of link to another militant known as Mahmoud Mansur Nidal. Nidal got killed during a gun battle by the Russian forces back in 2012.

Parents of Tamerlan Tsarnaev parents are residents of Makhachkala.



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