Mom humiliated during flight while attempting to use breast pump


Dawnella Brahos was embarrassed as she soon became the center of attention. People on the plane noticed the “loud, cold and argumentative” flight attendant and then directed their attention to the woman with the breast pump. According to an American Airlines spokeswoman Brahos should have been allowed to used the breast pump. Dawnella Brahos received the company’s apology during an official statement released by American Airlines.

“We apologize for the experience Ms. Brahos had on a recent flight. Our in-flight personnel are trained to handle these situations with professionalism and discretion. American does not have a policy prohibiting the use of breast pumps in-flight. As with other devices that have an on/off switch, customers will be asked not to use them during takeoff and landing. Our procedures advise our crews to ensure that mothers who are breast feeding or using breast pumps have the privacy they need.”


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