Inmate Impregnates 4 Female Prison Guards Unearthing jail Smuggling Gang


13 female prison guards working in the Baltimore City Detention Center where White was held are said to have been ‘corrupted’ by White to help him smuggle in cell phones, drugs and other contraband. White allegedly made $16,000 from the smuggled goods within one month.

The indictment also discovered that sex was involved between the guards and inmates, with 4 women being impregnated by White. White, a gang leader of the Black Guerrilla Family, is said to have enticed the four guards with gifts sex and personal relationships. Tiffany Linder, Chania Brooks, Jennifer Owens and Katera Stevenson are the four guards who White impregnated.

Gary Maynard, the Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services, said that he would take full responsibility of the incident saying that it was embarrassing to expose the prison system through such investigations which unearth what goes on in jails. The indictment saw a total of 25 individuals including White and the 13 female prison guards charged with drug possession, conspiracy and money laundering.


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