FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal After Osama Bin Laden Arrested


The Central American police arrested Toth in Eseli, located 90 miles from Nicaragua, and they handed him over to the US officials. Toth was caught with a fake driver’s license, debit cards and bank accounts as well as a fake US passport. Toth formerly a Washington DC 3rd grade teacher was also previously a camp counselor and taught at a private school.

Toth came into the purview of the authorities in 2008 when he was found with child pornography contained in a school camera in his possession. The FBI’s website states that the 31 year old is believed to have been involved in the production of child pornography while in Maryland. Toth became a fugitive when arrests warrants were issued on him by Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Toth is said to be highly computer savvy and his ‘above-average knowledge’ of computer technology is what helped him evade capture this far, according to the FBI. Toth made it to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list last year in April. Before his capture, Toth had last been seen in 2009 at a homeless shelter in Arizona where he volunteered and lived briefly.


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