4 Adults Found Shot Dead In Ohio Basement


The police said in a statement to the media that they had found 2 men and 2 women in their 20s shot dead in the basement. The four were shot in the head and they did not release any other details pertaining to the incident. It is also not clear whether a suspect is being sought in relation to the incident.

As of yesterday the victim’s identities hadn’t been released and the only other information released about the incident were photos showing the complex where the crime took place show scene tapes closing off the area. The photos also showed police canvassing for possible leads about the crime around the area. Tony O’Leary, the executive director of Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, explained that the units are older and smaller situated close to a mall. He added that the area is normally quiet without any crime history.

The victims have since been identified by family members as 24 year old Ronald Roberts, 19 year old Maria Nash, 23 year old Ken Delany and his girlfriend Kiana Welch.


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