Chicago Rainstorm Opens Up Sinkhole Swallowing 3 Cars


The sinkhole opened up at about 5.30 a.m. local time at a South east Chicago area residential street. The rainstorm broke a 1915-built cast iron water pipe opening up a sinkhole spanning the entire road’s width and chewing into the grassy sidewalk. The hood of one of the swallowed vehicles was seen peaking following the incident, which swallowed 2 parked cards and a third was being driven when the road caved in. The blasts of rain affected the region with several areas experiencing flash flooded including the O’Hare Airport which subsequently canceled about 550 flights both incoming and outgoing. Trains were also delayed when a power outage was experienced following a lightning strike forcing manual track switches.

Mike Sullivan, the spokesman for the Chicago Police department, explained that the injured driver is currently getting treatment at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


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