Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Claims Several Lives Leaving Hundreds Injured


The explosion took place at the West Fertilizer plant located in the West town which is situated about 20 miles north of Waco.  About 4 firefighters who responded to tackle the blaze are said to be missing and emergency services are still searching for survivors. One of the emergency services members is said to be hospitalized with grave injuries.

During a conference early this morning, Waco police department’s Sergeant William Swanton explained that the operation is still in the ‘search-and-rescue’ phase and is yet to go into the ‘recovery’ phase. Swanton could not give a precise figure on the fatalities but gave an estimate of about 5 to 15 people. He also said that about 160 people who sustained injuries during the explosion have south treatment from various hospitals. Other officials fear that the death toll could be much higher. Swanton added that the explosion site is currently considered a crime site, but he said that at the moment there are no indications that the blast was anything more than accidental.


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