California School Places Ban on Leggings


The school in Petaluma banned the articles of clothing which have become popular among teenage girls because they are too sheer in most cases. Principal Emily Dunnagan added that when the girls bend while wearing the leggings their threading stretches exposing everything else and that is the main problem.

Last week the school gathered their 450 female students and the principal brought up the leggings issue. Leggings, as an article of clothing, had previously not been addressed in the school’s dress policy but were added due to the indecent concern. Dunnagan added that their dress code has been vague to leave room for changing styles, but that as styles changed their dress code also needed to change.

Distraction is another issue that was raised in connection with the wearing of leggings by students. The staff members said that a solution would be for the students to wear a skirt over the leggings as opposed to wearing them as independent pants. Last week a Rockville Maryland high school suspended a student who would not wear a sweater or long shirt with her leggings.


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