Craiglist Killer Gets Death Sentence


Brogan Rafferty, Beasley’s teenage accomplice, got a life in prison without parole last year in November. Beasley also faced attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping on top of the 3 counts of murder he was charges with. The murders took place in Ohio, following fake job interviews which Beasley set up with the help of Rafferty.

49 year old Scott Davis survived the ordeal and gave a harrowing testimony in court. He explained that he was able to survive the wounds he sustained during the ordeal and run into the woods from Beasley’s farm, escaping and made a report to the authorities.

Rafferty who was 16 at the times of his arrest was under the law too young for an execution judgment. Beasley said before the court that he believe d the case would be reversed on appeal, however he was cut short by the judge on account that he could only comment on the . Beasley maintained his innocence and said that he sympathized with the victims’ families.


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